Monday, December 21, 2009

Not Me Monday

I am NOT the worst blogger on the planet! :) I just can't seem to keep up. I'll try and do better next year!

I did NOT slide down in the muddy infield during softball practice within the first five minutes of being there! My pastor did NOT take a picture of my muddy self and threaten to post it on Facebook. I did NOT get ragged the rest of practice. I was NOT surprised to find that even my underwear were muddy because it has soaked through my shorts! Nothing like that ever happens to me. NEVER!
I did NOT sleep on the couch with Abigail when she woke up in the middle of the night because she was sick and had been running a fever. I did NOT wake up after NOT hearing her throwing up. I did NOT realize that she had puked all over me. I did NOT take her to the bathroom to clean her up and she did NOT puke all over the floor. I did NOT clean her up and I did NOT change her pj's. I did NOT have to change my shirt. I did NOT have to get a new pillow. We did NOT fall back asleep only to NOT wake up to Abigail NOT throwing up again! I did NOT put a puke bowl under her mouth and I did NOT congratulate myself for catching all the puke. I did NOT get up to clean out the puke bowl and I absolutely did NOT stick my hand in a puddle of puke on my blanket. She had NOT been throwing up before I woke up and realized it! I did NOT just throw the blanket in the hallway and grab another and go back to sleep!
Ryan and I did NOT decide to bake and ice cookies with Abigail. I did NOT tell him that he didn't need to buy blue food coloring because red and green make blue! He did NOT laugh at me because he would NEVER do that to me. He did NOT threaten to make that a quote or status on Facebook (why is Facebook such a good place for blackmail or embarrassing people?). I did NOT argue with him that I was NOT right. I do NOT tend to think that I'm am NOT always right! Abigail did NOT play in the flour and get it everywhere. I did NOT take a lot of pictures to capture the memory because I do NOT like taking pictures! Here are a few pictures that I did NOT take:

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