Saturday, December 18, 2010

The World Tastes Good 'Cause The Candy Man Thinks It Should

It is Saturday morning and my Abigail is watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I wish I knew how many times she has seen this movie over the last few months but I have lost count. She prefers Gene Wilder to Johnny Depp, although, she likes both movies. I have to admit that the original version is my favorite too, although, I love Johnny Depp's movies.

Abigail and I both have favorite lines in the movie. At the very end of the movie before Charlie returns the Everlasting Gobstopper, Mr. Wonka, gets impatient with Grandpa Joe and tells him, "Good day sir!" A few weeks ago, Abigail wasn't listening so I sent her to her room. About half way there she turned around, stomped her foot, and said, "Good day sir!" Oh boy! Can you say drama queen! My favorite line happens after Augustus Gloop falls into the chocolate river. His mother is yelling at Mr. Wonka to do something and he looks at her, void of expression, and says, "Help. Police. Murder." Ha ha. I just love dry, sarcastic humor!

We've had some bumps along the way this past week - literally! My days have all blended together, but I believe it was on Monday, that Abigail fell down, face first, in her room and busted her lip. There are some days that I think she should have been a boy. She's definitely not the most graceful child. Plus, she doesn't see danger in anything. Her lips swelled up pretty badly but she was tough and we didn't have to take a trip to the ER. She's back to normal now except for a small spot on her lip. She may end up with a scar but I'm not sure.

Otherwise, we had a normal week. Yesterday, I didn't have to babysit because the mother doesn't work every other Friday. So, thankfully, Ryan was off on Friday as well. I rarely get any free time to myself so I took advantage of the opportunity! I left Abigail at home with Ryan and headed out to finish Christmas shopping. Even on a Friday morning, it was crazy busy. I am usually through shopping by the first of December but this year has been different and I've had to buy along and along whenever I've had the money to do so. So, I was out in the madness on Friday by myself but I finished up all my Christmas shopping and I even did a little grocery shopping too! I was able to get everything wrapped up while Abigail was napping.

We are officially ready for Christmas. I have to work four days next week. In addition to keeping the baby, I will be watching his older siblings next week as well. The extra money will help since we will be out of town for Christmas and the few days afterwards. We are planning on heading to my parents on Thursday night after the children get picked up. The following Monday we will be headed to Fernandina to celebrate with Ryan's family. My wonderful husband will be turning 29 before we return to Louisiana! Man, we are getting old-ha!

Tonight most of my family on my dad's side will be celebrating Christmas in Claxton. I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas with the Strickland's. The new tradition is going to eat at Cilantro's in Claxton before returning to my grandparents for dessert and presents. I hope everyone has a great time! I'm sad I'm gonna miss it.

New Christmas picture of Abigail (before the busted lip). This was Sunday morning before church. We attended FBC Slidell and listened to their Christmas cantata. I informed Abigail when it was time for congregational singing, saying it was our turn to sing. While everyone else was singing Joy to the World, Abigail was belting out, Itsy Bitsy Spider at the top of her lungs. We had a good laugh. I guess she thought that our turn to sing meant she could sing whatever she wanted to!

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