Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not Me Tuesday

Another blog that I read from time to time does a weekly, "Not Me Monday" post. The author basically tells silly things that she or someone in her family has done but due to the title of the post, she actually says that she has NOT done these things. It's pretty comical and I thought I'd give it a try. I meant to post yesterday but got sidetracked so my first post of this nature is entitled "Not me Tuesday". It's not as catchy but hopefully I'll remember on Mondays. So here goes:

I did NOT change my daughter's diaper in the back seat of my SUV in the Chili's parking lot Sunday night. When I got the diaper open, poop did NOT roll out of the diaper and onto the seats. The light was NOT so dim that I could barely see. I did NOT get all the poop back into the diaper and seal it up only to realize that there was a stray turd in the floor. I did NOT proceed to throw said turd into the bushes at Chili's.

Also on Sunday, I did NOT come home from church and immediatly change clothes. I did NOT decide that I wanted Dorito's and sour cream with my chili. I did NOT throw on a sweatshirt over my tanktop and ask my husband if he could tell that I wasn't wearing a bra. I did NOT go to the grocery store without a bra on. Nope, NOT me!

I did NOT join the church softball team even if I haven't played in 10 years. I did NOT go to practice last Tuesday and pitch for almost an hour straight. I did NOT go to McDonalds after practice and order a double cheeseburger combo. I did NOT go home and eat said combo while NOT watching The Biggest Loser. And I was NOT so sore the next day that I could barely get up and down.

There were other things that I did NOT do last week but they aren't as funny. I'll try and keep a better list this week and hopefully have more NOT me's for you next week! Hope you enjoyed!

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