Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Birthday Party #2 and Thanksgiving

My mom, Abigail, and I were finally able to leave Louisiana on Sunday the 21st (Abigail's actual birthday) after a trip to Urgent Care and Walgreen's (see A Not So Fancy Few Days for details). We arrived in Graceville later that afternoon. My mom worked half a day on Monday and then we loaded up again and headed to Georgia to be with my family during Thanksgiving.

We got there early Monday evening. On Tuesday, mom and I both had hair appointments at Salon 280. My aunt owns the place and is an awesome hair dresser. Later that day, my friend Amberly, took some amazing photos of myself and Abigail. I needed a 3 year update picture of Abigail and this was the perfect opportunity. Please see www.amberlyfosterphotography.shutterfly.com for all the photos and her great work. That night, we had a small family birthday party for Abigail at my aunt and uncle's house. It was supposed to just be an ice cream cake and drinks but my aunt is fabulous and she made it even more special by adding a theme, Tangled. My grandma made some vegetable soup and my aunt provided hotdogs and chips and dip. The birthday girl got even more presents. It seemed everywhere we went in the last week someone had a present for Abigail. We had a hard time getting everything home. :)

On Wednesday, we went shopping in Statesboro with my grandma. It was fun helping pick out people's Christmas presents and letting Abigail pick out some things with her birthday money.

Thursday was Thanksgiving as you well know. I love holidays with my family. I love getting together and reminiscing. My mom and my dad's side of the family all get together at my dad's parents house. We have the usual Thanksgiving fare. Several years ago, most of the girl cousins on my mom's side, started the tradition of going to see whatever Christmas movie was out, after lunch was over. This year there wasn't one so we all took Abigail to see Tangled in 3D. It was so good and everyone including Abigail enjoyed it. My grandma even came and she never goes to the "show" as she calls it.

We usually all go Black Friday shopping but we had made plans to return to Graceville on Friday, giving us a day to relax, before Abigail and I traveled home on Sunday morning. Our plans were changed due to a death in Ryan's family. My parent's took me to Fernandina Beach on Friday morning. My vehicle was at my mom and dad's since I rode with them to Georgia. Ryan stopped on his way and traded his truck for my SUV and met us in Fernandina around lunchtime on Friday. We spent time with his family and attended his grandfather's funeral on Saturday. We were able to stay an extra day and left at 4 am on Monday morning. We stopped again in Graceville to pick up his truck, eat some breakfast, and drink some coffee. Plus, I had a few things I still needed to pick up from my parent's house. We got back home around 12:30 on Monday afternoon.

We have so much to be thankful for. Our lives should be characterized by an attitude of thankfulness. We so often take life and things for granted. Let us remember to give thanks to the Lord for He is good and His love endures forever!

(I wish I had more pics to put up from this week but my camera died not long after Abigail's Tangled party and I left my charger in LA.)

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