Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tantrums From a Two Year Old

Wow! Is it only Tuesday? It's amazing how the actions of others, albeit big or small, seem to make your week drag on. I believe that we have finally hit the "terrible two's". Abigail has only been two for a little over a month and we've been making "terrible two's" jokes for a while. Any time she would act up we'd say, "here comes the terrible two's." But this is the real deal.

It all started Monday night when I told her to pick up her puzzle pieces when we got home from the church. She had made a huge mess of them on the floor before we left to go to a meeting and because we were running late, we just left it. So, when we got home, she was supposed to start picking up her pieces and putting them in the little bag they had come out of. For some reason, she decided that she didn't want to and immediately laid down on the ground and started whining. Her other new thing is saying, "Ow, I've got a boo-boo," and start crying. This is totally fake. It's just her way of trying to get out of whatever she doesn't want to do. They sure do learn fast! To make a long story short she was sent to bed early. This however, backfired. She wouldn't stay in her bed. We tried everything. She finally told me, "there's something in my room." To which I replied, "What is in your room?" I was completely shocked when she said, "A MONSTER!" How does she know about monsters? I haven't told her about them! So I asked her to show me where and apparently it resides in the tiny bit of wall space between her window and ceiling. I had to hold her hand until she fell asleep.

This brings us to today. After dragging her toys all over the place this morning, she was getting hungry for lunch. So I asked her to start picking up her toys while I fixed her lunch. Now, I am aware that she is only two, for those of you out there saying that. But this child is smart and I know that she knows how to pick up her toys because she usually does it all the time. She's just being stubborn and testing her boundaries. I'm thinking that today will be different because of what happened last night. NOT! She did the same exact thing as the night before. Crying, boo-boo's and other hysterics. She finally went down for a nap and I DID NOT pick up her toys. I left them there until she got up. This time she helped me pick them up. PTL!

Later tonight, when it was time to start settling down, we came to the toy battle again. This time, she picked most of them up without me having to threaten or discipline, until we came to the last three toys. I don't know what it was about those last three but she started to pull out the same stunts from earlier. However, she decided to pick them up and go about her business.

Lastly, I took her to her room to change her diaper after she had finished picking up the toys, to which the protest began. She kept trying to get up off the bed while I'm changing her diaper and was staring at the spot on the wall. I have no idea where the idea of monsters came from or why it's on that part of the wall but she was already freaking out. I was too tired to deal tonight so she's asleep on the love seat, safe and sound, away from the "scary monster" as she called it tonight.


  1. Make a squirt bottle of scented water, call it "Monster Be Gone" or something corny like that, and allow her to lightly mist it throughout her room and specifically at that wall spot. Then the monsters will go away. I read that idea in a book; maybe it will help. Eventually you can explain there are no monsters, but until then, this might help her sleep in her own room.

  2. ...the journey of parenting...
    I know exactly what monster she is talking about--- when you lay in a dark room with lights just outside of the room you have shadows in the corner of the room. If you stare at those shadows that look as if they are getting bigger.----that's probably her monster. :-) Addison just started talking about monsters too. To help her out we review that God made everything and encourage her that God controls everything, so if she asks God to tell the monster to go away he will go away. :-) It's worked for us so far.
    ...praying for your sanity and for patiences during those tuff parenting times! :-) LOVE YOU GUYS!