Thursday, June 9, 2011

C25K: Week 4

One of my all time favorite comedian's is Jerry Seinfeld. I had never heard of him until I started watching his TV show, Seinfeld. Something about him reminded me of my cousin David and his sense of  humor. David was more like a brother than a cousin so you can see why it was easy to like Jerry. Majority of his jokes start with "What's the deal with..." A while back, I came across one of his jokes that went something like this, "What's the deal with TGIF? Saturday is clearly the better day!" It was funny because it was true. Most people who say TGIF are thankful that it's the last day of the work week and the weekend is just around the corner. But for those who don't have to work on Saturday, it's the better day. A whole day to do what you want, relax, etc. Lately, I've been saying TGIT...Thank Goodness It's Thursday!

What a strange statement. Why would I be happy that it's Thursday? What's so special about Thursday? I mean, I can understand TGIF but why would you say TGIT? Well for starters, the Bible tells us that, "This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be GLAD in it!" - Psalm 118:24 We should be thankful for everyday that the Lord has given us. Be thankful that you have another day to praise Him on this earth and another day to live out your faith. But for the sake of this blog post, I say TGIT because Thursday's mean the final day of whatever week of The Couch to 5K that I am on. And today meant the final day of week four.

Let me say that again...WEEK 4! I have been training to run a 5K for a month now! That is a long time for me. Especially since I am relying on me, myself, and I. I really have no one holding me accountable...well except you guys. It does help me make the decision to get out of bed early in the morning to go run, knowing that there are several of you out there who are waiting on my next post or wondering how I did this week. Thank you for that! It feels so great to have accomplished this and to know that I only have 5 weeks left!

Here's how week four went...

Last week, I was amazed that I could run for three minutes twice. This week started off with the traditional five minute warm up walk, followed by a three minute run, a 90 second walk, a FIVE minute run, and then a 2 minute walk. This was all followed by a repeat of the three minute run, 90 second walk, FIVE minute run, and then the five minute cool down walk. HOLY COW! I was scared starting out week four. I knew that it was going to require two five minute runs. I did pretty good on the first day. I do have to say that my prayer life increased this week. Especially during those five minute runs. The first day was on Sunday and I felt pretty good.

On Tuesday, I had to wait to run that evening. My husband had to work the morning shift that morning and I didn't want to get Abigail up so early or have to do it with the stroller. So, after a yummy dinner of grilled shrimp and spinach salad with a home made lime dressing, I headed out the door. This time, it was a tiny bit easier, plus during those five minute runs, I tried to think about something else to keep my mind off of the run and how much I wanted to stop and walk. Envisioning myself the way I want to look and feel helped me out a lot.

Today I finished out the week. Normally, days one or two are the hardest but for some reason, day three tried to defeat me. I wouldn't let it! I have been tired all week. I'm not sure why. I have gone to bed a little later a couple of times but I've still been in bed earlier than was the norm for me just a month ago. When my alarm went off, I wanted nothing more than to catch that last hour of sleep before the baby I sit for arrived. But I made myself get up and get ready. I usually have no problem with that first three minute run but it felt hard for some reason. By the last five minute run, I was exhausted, ready to give up, and a tad bit nauseous. I tried the tactic from day two...thinking of something else or envisioning my future self. I was mentally exhausted too. I could get the image but I couldn't keep it. Today's run was definitely a mental battle as well as a physical one. But in the end...I won! I did it! Go me!

I'm not sure how the run next week goes. To be honest, I've been a little afraid to look! But rest assured, come Sunday morning, I'll be out the door and pushing forward towards my goal...running a 5K in July with my mom!

Peace, Love, and Happy Living,


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