Tuesday, January 24, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 1

I've had a couple of off weeks since the beginning of the year. Last week was a tough week for me. I'm sure you've all heard the expression, "when it rains, it pours." Well, I spent most of the week in a proverbial downpour. Yesterday, was the first day in over a week where I woke up and actually felt good. I had plans to go to the gym for the free body assessment that I had yet to have done since joining the gym over the summer and I wanted to try a Body Pump class. However, due to some car problems and needing to get our taxes done, I wasn't able to go, but I didn't want that to stop me. If I ever want that scale to move again, I need to get my body moving. I also know that just doing cardio isn't going to cut it anymore. I need to add strength training to my workout routine. I had been lifting weights, using the express circuit at the gym last year but I had to quit after I broke my finger and once it was healed enough, I just couldn't get back into the groove. That's the main reason I wanted to try the Body Pump class. It seemed like it would be more fun that just sitting at weight machines counting reps. So, what could I do at home? Then I remembered my copy of Jillian Micheals 30 Day Shred.

So, I'm giving myself a 30 Day Challenge to actually complete the first level of this DVD...

I completed day one, yesterday. I waited until I put my daughter down for a nap. I actually tried day one a few months ago and couldn't even get through the first workout. I ended up sitting down and watching the rest of it. Ha! There were a few times that I wanted to quit yesterday but I persevered, knowing that I will get results if I press on. I did have to catch my breath for a second or two here and there but what matters is that I finished. At the end of the workout I was tired, sweaty, shaky, and even a bit nauseous! I felt a great sense of accomplishment though! I remembered to snap a few before pics. My husband wasn't home so I had to settle for the, pics through a mirror technique. I forgot to take my measurements so I'm going to do that today. I am sore today but it's the good kind of sore, reminding me that I had a great workout yesterday and that my body is responding to it. I ate a healthy lunch today of baked fish, Lima beans, and baked sweet potato. Diet is just as important as exercise!

A friend of mine, Brandi, that I went to college with, decided to take the challenge with me. We are reporting in to each other through Facebook after we've completed each day! I'm looking forward to hearing her results as well. One thing that kept me accountable and pressing onward when I did the C25K training was blogging about it each week. I plan on doing the same for the 30 Day Shred. I may not blog every day since that might get monotonous but I'll at least blog every couple of days on my progress and how I feeling about it.

If you are looking for an intense workout at home, I would suggest this DVD. I'm sure any of Jillian's DVDs will do the trick.

Peace, Love, and Healthy Living,


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  1. It's now just a 29-day challenge! I'm getting excited for you. With the Lord's help you can do it! I know it!