Sunday, January 8, 2012

When Things Don't Go Your Way...

I hate setbacks. Especially the ones you have no control over.

Last Monday, I woke up ready for the day, ready to get back to my "normal" routine after the holiday hustle and bustle was finally over. I went for a walk/run with my friend Mary that morning. I made good choices for breakfast and lunch. I drank my green tea. Everything was going as planned until...

I fell down the stairs in our apartment.

Yep! I'm a klutz.

I managed to fall down about five steps, landing hard on my right side - buttocks, back, and arm. I knew I had hit hard but I could tell immediately that there was no "severe" damage and I thanked God for that. Literally! I went about the rest of my day with only minor soreness from the fall. I thought all was good...


I woke up the next morning with my back muscles being crazy knotted and some stiffness in my neck. I already have a history of back and muscle problems, so this was not good. I decided to take the day off from my exercise routine but I ate great the whole day, even making super healthy and yummy "fish packets" for supper. And then I blew it! I had been craving ice cream since before Thanksgiving. I have a rule about not making foods off limits but eating them moderation, occasionally. I like ice cream but I am not in looove with ice cream the way my mom is! Ha! So, I just kept refraining from eating it. However, after dinner that night, my craving could not be tamed and I knew in that moment, if I didn't eat ice cream that night, I might very well go off the deep end with my eating soon. My hubby went out later and brought me back an Oreo Sonic Blast and I ate every last drop!

On Wednesday, my back felt OK but I knew I should take it easy. My eating was good. I did the wrong thing, however, by picking up and holding a little girl at church Wednesday night. By Thursday morning, a nerve was pinched in my right shoulder causing my arm to ache almost all day. I called my friend who is a physical therapist and she gave me some tips and advice and told me to take it easy through the weekend. My eating became lax. I definitely failed the first week of the 31.3 Jump challenge. I didn't eat clean, I indulged a little too much, and of course, there was no exercise.

By Friday, I was GRUMPY! My body wasn't getting the TLC it deserves and it knew it. I diligently drank my green tea all week. It was my saving grace. On Friday, each time I waited in the kitchen for the microwave to heat my mug of water, I did lunges, squats, and even jumping jacks. I had to do something to get my heart rate up. On Saturday, I went for a walk, even though by this time the knots had moved to my right buttock. I took it easy though and went at a more leisurely pace than my normal brisk walk.

I commented to my friend Clara today that I am always surprised at how my eating correlates to my level of exercise. When I'm diligent with my exercise and I'm pushing myself, I have no problem making the right choices. But when I'm slack with exercising or I'm just going through the motions, I have a much harder time resisting temptation and often don't.

So, I had a week of setbacks. But just because I've had some setbacks doesn't mean I'm going to quit. Nope! That was the old me. That was the old frame of mind. I'm not going to feel sorry for myself either. I'm just going to get up in the morning, eat a healthy breakfast, exercise, and get back to my "normal" routine. I'm hoping the scale is kind to me tomorrow but even if it isn't, at least I'll know where I stand. I still have the same goals and the only way to reach them, is to DO. DO whatever it takes. Maybe you are out there reading this and you've already given up on your resolution (hate that word) to lose weight this year. One bad choice doesn't mean you give up. One whole week of bad choices doesn't mean you give up. A lifetime of poor food choices doesn't mean you give up. Start somewhere. Start small. DO something.

Clara and I are going to be reporting our weekly weigh-ins to each other as accountability. I'm pretty excited about that. It will help me stay more focused knowing that I have to report an actual number to someone. The best thing you can do is to find a support system. Find someone to be accountable to. Find someone to cheer you on. And please, let me know if I can help you in anyway. I have set up an email account just for you all. If you have questions, comments, concerns, or something else that you want to say but don't feel comfortable leaving a comment, you can email me at

Peace, Love, and Healthy Living,


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  1. Seems like when we're at our weakest, hanging on by our fingernails, temptation sets in most.
    This is the first time I'm on your blog, but just looking at the before/after pic made me go w0w! Your husband must be so proud of you. Good luck!