Saturday, January 17, 2009

Abigail's First Trip to the ER

Wednesday night at our house was pretty exciting, to say the least. For those of you who know Abigail, you realize that it is not uncommon for her to have bumps and bruises. She is one independent chick! And even though she has been walking for some time now, she loses her balance easily. However, this was not the case on Wednesday night!

Ryan was getting ready to go to choir practice at church and was standing at the dining room table putting his watch on. He didn't realize that Abigail had followed him over there and was standing behind him. So...when he turned around, he bumped in to her, causing her to fall into one of the chairs. Her head apparently hit the corner of one and of course, he immediately picked her up to try and console her.

We didn't immediately notice the small gash on her forehead because as stated in the first paragraph, she falls down all the time. But when Ryan finally tilted her head back to look at what we thought would be a bump or bruise, we found a bleeding gash. At first glance, we thought it was just a small cut. Ryan had gone to wet a paper towel to clean off the blood, while I held her to inspect it. I immediately noticed that while small, it was fairly deep, deeper than I had expected. We cleaned it and put a bandaid on it and within a few minutes it had bled through.

Ryan decided to go ahead to choir practice and told me to call him if he needed to come home. After I took off the first bandaid and replaced it with a fresh one, I gave the Pediatrician's office a call. The answering service took down the information and got in touch with Abigail's dr. who immediately called me back. She said to take her to the ER because we didn't want to risk it getting infected if the cut was very deep.

Ryan came home from choir practice and we headed to the ER. For once, we didn't have to wait very long. After inspecting the wound, the ER dr. decided that it didn't need to be stitched and they cleaned the area up and put another bandaid on it.

We were very thankful that she didn't need stitches and that she was okay. Of course she had a headache and woke up often through the night but by morning she was her happy self again. Hopefully we won't be making any more trips to the ER in the near future.

Oh and my sister-in-law lost her mucus plug tonight! Hopefully Marlee will be making her grand appearance soon!

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  1. Jessica,
    I just now looked at all my e-mails and saw your blog. This is soo cool. Great idea. How is our little Abigail doing? Is her boo-boo better? How long are you going to be @ your mom and dads? Hopefully we will be able to come soon to see little Marley. Remember I love ya, and give my sweetpea a big kiss...