Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Still Waiting...

Abigail and I made it to Graceville on Sunday around 1:30 central time. We spent the day hanging out with my brother, Hannah, Heather, and Addison. Abigail and Addison finally warmed up to each other but both had a hard time sharing! Kids are too funny!

Justin and I made some breadsticks and he also made some jalepeno cheese bread. It was so yummy! Abigail especially like the breadsticks! We also played a little guitar hero world tour but at the end of the day...still no baby!

Abigail and I are staying at my parent's house and she is getting spoiled rotten. She loves sleeping with mom and dad in their king size bed! Justin and Hannah came over last night for supper and afterwards, I gave Hannah a foot massage and painted her toenails. And then gave her a back massage. I also spent some time talking to her belly and begging Marlee to come out or at the very least to break her mommys water! No luck there either.

Baby, it's extremely cold outside! We are not used to weather this cold here in Florida. Hannah has a dr's appt today so maybe we'll know a little more this afternoon. We are all very ready to see Marlee Brooke!

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  1. Jessica,
    It is me again. I just love all the pics of Abigail. Tell Hannah and Justin that I am praying for them and our little Marlee, I spelled it right this time. I know that you all are so excited for the arrival of the baby. Oh tell Rosie Happy Be-lated birthday, her card is in the mail. Tell everyone I love them.... aunt Jamie