Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Taking It Easy

The last couple of weeks have been very slow for the Foster family. I am still without a job and with no one hiring around here, it may be that way for a while. I am enjoying my time off though. It is nice to be able to be at home with my family. I am also using this time to work on a project that I hope to be able to complete over the next few months.

We are also anxiously awaiting the arrival of our niece and Abigail's cousin Marlee Brooke. We can't wait to meet her! I am trying to teach Abigail to say her name. Every once in a while she will say it for me but she has a mind of her own.
Abigail is growing and changing so much every day. I love just watching her play and DANCE. This girl LOVES to dance! Anytime she hears music or someone singing she stops what she's doing and starts moving. It's really funny! I can't believe that she'll be 14 months old next week! My little girl is growing up too fast!
Hopefully my next post with be from Graceville where I'll hold a new title...AUNT!!!

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