Thursday, January 22, 2009

Patience is a Virtue

Today is day five of out trip to Graceville. On Tuesday night, Hannah was put in the hospital to be induced because her blood pressure was up. By Wednesday afternoon, we still had no baby and Hannah was not progressing as she should be. To keep her from having a c-section, they took her off the pitocin and sent her home. We were all a little disappointed that we wouldn't get to meet Marlee on Wednesday but God is still in control and we rest and wait in His good and perfect timing.
Abigail and I stayed with Justin and Hannah last night so that he could go back to work today and I could help her out so that she could get some rest. It's going pretty good. Today is Marlee's due date and it would be nice if she would come today. We are all so ready to meet her.

Below is a few pictures from our time here so far! Enjoy!

Uncle Justin, Aunt Hannah, and Abigail on day #2 of our trip.

Abigail and I before we left to go to the hospital on day #3.

Aunt Hannah...hopeful that Marlee will arrive sometime on day #4 but no luck.

Uncle Justin with his two BEAUTIFUL nieces, Abigail and Addison, a few hours before Hannah was released from the hospital to go home and rest.

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