Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Past Few Days

Let me start by saying that Hannah is still pregnant with Marlee. :( I have been in Graceville for 11 days now. Abigail and I have had a great time with our family. It has been good to be with them for this extended period of time but we really miss Ryan!

Last night, Hannah was having some pretty strong but irregular contractions but they calmed down during the night. You can definitely tell that Marlee has dropped some more. We are still hoping that she decides to make her grand entrance soon! We can't wait to meet her!

We had an awesome day of worship on Sunday! It was sooo good to hear sound biblical preaching! I did something on Sunday morning that I haven't done in two years or more...I signed. It was an amazing worship experience. I signed the song "Worthy the Lamb" by the Gaithers. Thank God that the Lamb was worthy to set us free! Dad preached on the purpose of the church on Sunday morning and the Lord's Supper, in which we took part, on Sunday night. Worthy the Lamb that was slain!!!

Monday was sort of a lazy day. Yesterday, Justin and I washed, vacuumed, and cleaned out the insides of his and mom's car. Then we had yummy fried shrimp for supper! Abigail and I spent the night with Justin and Hannah last night and today we are enjoying a lazy rainy day inside. Now, if we could just convince Miss Marlee that it's more fun on the outside!
Here are a few pictures from Sunday:

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