Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cleanse-Day 5

In the spirit of full disclosure...I did not do day five of the cleanse. I have lost a total of 4 pounds this week so far.

As many of you know the area in which I live in Louisiana is dealing with a tropical storm. Being the crazy person that I am, I did not even know this until yesterday. I heard via Facebook yesterday morning that there was a tropical depression but it wasn't until late last night that I was informed that the depression had been upgraded to a storm with a name and everything. I probably should have watched the news at some point during the week. I normally do but I somehow managed to go the whole week without seeing a snippet of the news or weather. I also did not go to the grocery store yesterday thinking that the weather was going to be no big deal and that I could go Saturday morning. Oops!

Thankfully the weather so far hasn't been too bad. A little wind, a lot of rain, and some tornado warnings is what we've had to deal with today. The cleanse was the LAST thing on my mind this morning. I am extremely terrified of bad weather. It's my biggest fear. So, this morning I begged my very tired husband to get out of bed and go with me to Walmart. As we neared Walmart, I realized that I was starving so we swung through McDonald's and I had an Egg McMuffin for breakfast. Going to Walmart in Louisiana is an "adventure" on an normal day. Toss in a tropical storm and things get crazier. We didn't have too much trouble getting the things we needed but the lines were ridiculously long and the people in front of us had four, yes four, buggies full of food! Not sure what they think is going to be happening over the next day or so but at least they'll be prepared! :)

After finally making it back home and getting the groceries up, it was time for lunch. Again, not thinking about the cleanse so we had turkey sandwiches. I had anticipated having a lazy day but I realized that with the possibility of the power going out before this is all said and done that I probably should get some things done. So I spent a better part of the afternoon cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry. I made some homemade salsa and guacamole and we had turkey tacos for supper. Not cleanse approved either.

Even without completing day five of the cleanse, I feel great. I'm hoping to see at least another pound down before I weigh in on Monday.

Really hoping that the weather isn't too bad through the night and tomorrow. I am also happy that Ryan had off all day today. He helps keep me calm and sane!

Peace, Love, and Healthy Living,


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