Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away...Seriously!

I LOVE a good rainy day. Rainy days are perfect for slipping into your most comfortable clothes, watching your favorite movie or TV show, reading a book, sipping some coffee or hot tea, or playing card or board games with your family. Rainy days can give you the perfect opportunity to relax. Even with an almost four year old, this still proves true for me on a rainy day. It's like she feels it too. She'll play quietly in her room or snuggle on the couch to watch a movie. I absolutely, positively, LOVE a good rainy day.

I however, DO NOT love rainy days that do not end. Two rainy days in a row is about the max that I can enjoy. More than two and I start to go crazy. My daughter might enjoy the occasional rainy day with me but she definitely does not like the second day in a row and we are currently headed towards our fifth rainy day. Can you say "cabin fever?"

At about the third day I begin to get antsy. I have all this nervous, pent up energy that just wants to get out and that's kind of hard to do in an apartment. So, if I feel this way on the third day, imagine how my child is acting at this point. It's like she's lost all sense of proper behavior. She's tired of being cooped up and I'm tired of hearing myself get on to her over and over and over again.

On the fourth day, the weather begins to affect my mood. I am so very thankful that I do not live somewhere where the sun rarely shines or it rains most of the time. My mood is very much affected by the weather and Tropical Storm Lee is reeking havoc on my emotions. I started out this morning in a pretty decent mood despite the weather. We decided to not go to church this morning since we weren't really sure what to expect road wise and plus when I woke up this morning it was raining pretty hard. I made Abigail and I breakfast. I am NOT a morning person so I rarely actually cook breakfast unless you count brinner (breakfast for me some Scrubs). We are a cereal, toast, granola bar type family when it comes to breakfast. But this morning I scrambled some eggs and made some toast for Abigail and toasted an English muffin for myself. Even at lunch I was still feeling pretty good. But, somewhere between nap time and bed time, I got the "ho-hums." And I can't stand them! I'm pretty sure that if I could just scream at the top of my lungs for a minute, I'd feel better but I don't want the neighbors banging on my door or calling the police. I also don't want to wake up my daughter! :)

So, tomorrow starts day five of the rainy days. I am praying that it's not so bad because I HAVE TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE! I plan on going to the gym tomorrow to work out some of this aggression too! :) That's part of my problem...I haven't exercised in over a week because of the crazy week I had last week and my body knows it needs it.

Tropical Storm will not be missed!

Peace, Love, and Healthy Living,


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