Monday, July 25, 2011

Life in Pictures: Abigail's First Haircut

Yes, I said her FIRST haircut. Yes, she's almost four years old. Yes, I know most children get a haircut around their first birthday.

Abigail didn't have a bunch of hair at her first birthday so we skipped that milestone. Later as her beautiful, curly, red hair grew there was no need to cut it.

Now, at nearly four years old and hair that comes halfway down her back, it was time for a TRIM. Not an actual cut! My husband would have killed me if I had gotten her hair cut short. I value my life so we went for a trim.

My aunt is an amazing cosmetologist and we wanted Abigail's first haircut to be even more special. So, while my aunt was in Graceville for the weekend we let her trim Abigail's hair. Abigail was super excited. My aunt evened it up and cut a long layer into it which actually made the ends curlier. My beautiful, red headed girl still has a head full of long curls but she sure was proud of that haircut.

I should have taken a picture of the back of her hair after it was done but I forgot.

Race Day blog and pictures are coming next. Stay tuned...


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