Thursday, July 14, 2011

Not the Post I had Planned...

I won't lie. I'm a little bummed today.

Today was supposed to be my LAST C25K post. I was supposed to get up this morning and run my third and final run for week nine.

Alas, sleep beckoned me. My bed whispered my name. My sheets wrapped me in a warm and comforting hug. My alarm was like the loud, crude, and socially awkward acquaintance that makes you cringe and take an involuntary step backward as they approach. Thankfully, alarms have snooze and off buttons. :) I knew I should get up but my body refused to cooperate.

I was mildly irritated when I realized that I hadn't gotten up and it was now too late to get in my final run this week. But after a glance at the clock, I realized my time was better spent catching a few more minutes of sleep before I really had to get up to babysit. I didn't wake up again until I heard the knock on my door. Shoot! Now, I was stumbling down the stairs unable to hold my eyes open. I was still struggling to keep my eyes open when I opened the door to receive the baby I sit for. I tried to make polite conversation with the dad but I have no idea if my words were even decipherable this morning. I was that tired!

Why so tired? (said in my best Joker know..."why so serious?). Well, I haven't fully gotten back on my normal bedtime schedule and routine from a few weeks ago when Ryan had surgery and we had company at the house. And then came Vacation Bible School and a room full of three year old's. However, tiring it may be, Abigail and I were having a blast...until Tuesday night. After we got back home from VBS (or PBS as Abigail says) she had watery eyes, a runny nose, and an ever increasing fever. I only got about 4 hours of sleep on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. She not only had a high fever but I swear she was hallucinating and talking out of her head. I was pretty worried. I got her in to see the doctor on Wednesday before lunch. She slept all day and we skipped VBS Wednesday night for her to recuperate. I still didn't get to bed and fully asleep until somewhere near midnight on Wednesday because after sleeping all day she didn't want to go to sleep that night and then as soon as I would doze off the neighbors would get loud and then my wonderful hubby came home making enough noise to wake the you honey! :)

So, when the alarm went off this morning, I was in no shape to run. While I'm a little bummed that this post isn't titled, C25K: Week 9, I can't be disappointed in myself. I'll run in the morning instead and then I'll do a post on my last official week of C25K. And don't think that this will be the end of my running, it won't. I didn't do all this hard work only to quit once I completed the program.

We're headed back to VBS tonight and our wonderful class of three year olds. Abigail is over the moon excited! I'm loving getting to know our church family better and developing relationships with them. I found out that several female members of my Sunday school class are Gilmore Girls fans as well...I see a girls night and GG marathon in my future!

Peace, Love, and Healthy Living,


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  1. Hey, it's a guilty pleasure, but I'm the one in our family that digs the Gilmore girls. Amanda likes them, but I used to watch it ALL the time. I'm a big Lauren Graham fan.