Monday, July 25, 2011

You've Got a Friend in Me

Well, you know her by name and you may have read her blog but until Friday I had not met Clara.

I called her my cyber friend...

We finally had a face-to-face meeting so I can now officially say, "my friend" Clara!

At a time where I was sort of stuck in limbo with my eating healthy and weight loss, Clara became my inspiration and my encouragement. We were virtual strangers with mutual friends, one of which was my mom. Her story challenged me, brought me to tears, and gave me the push that I needed to continue on in my journey and become more focused on it. Through Facebook and email she gave me advice, answered my questions, cheered me on, and yes, became my friend.

It's always a strange feeling to feel like you've known someone you're whole life but have never met them. That feeling was confirmed Friday night when we sat down on my parent's crowded living room floor and picked up a conversation like we'd been friends forever. It was a great moment. We talked for a long time...both about our journey's and other random things that friends talk about.

I had hoped to get to run with her on Saturday but her plans changed but she was there with me in spirit and was one of the first people I texted after the race was over to let her know that I had met my goal of finishing without stopping!

Thank you Clara for everything. Hopefully next time we can get a run in together!

If you've never read her blog you should click on her name at the beginning of this post and spend some time getting to know her. If you are struggling with your weight or you just need some encouragement for the journey you're already on, trust me, her blog is just what you need.

Peace, Love, and Healthy Living,


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  1. awww! Such a sweet post. Thanks friend. I'm so glad we finally met. Let's definitely plan a run together one of these days! I'm excited to keep up with your progress! Hugs.