Thursday, May 26, 2011

C25K: Week 2

I did it! I finished week two today! *commence happy dance* It was challenging but it was worth it. I feel like the women in the Loreal commercials....because I'm worth it! And I am!

 My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and for the last several years, I've treated it like a trash heap. How sad! The Bible clearly says that our bodies are not our own but how often do we treat them like they don't matter. Just as you don't want to fill up your mind and spirit with junk, then why do we do our bodies that way? I think this is another blog post in itself, but that's just something that's been on my mind this week.

 Oh and one more random thought before I get into how week two was for me. For those of you who are living healthy lifestyles and making good choices when it comes to food, are you ever grossed out by what other people have in their buggies at the grocery store? I tend to feel a since of pride (in a good way) and accomplishment when I look down at my buggy and see fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, good protein, etc. But when I look at the buggies of those around me and see tons of processed food, white bread, fatty, greasy, unwholesome items, I get a little nauseous. Now, I'm not being judgemental against those who aren't eating healthy because hey, I was just there not long ago. My buggy six or seven months ago would probably have looked the same. I am just thankful that I'm not there anymore. And it keeps me motivated not to let my buggy look like that again!

Back to C25K...

I ran day one on Sunday evening around 7:30 PM. First let me say, that I was running behind schedule and didn't want to get caught running in the dark, so I had to eat supper first. We had baked fish and quinoa. It was a very healthy and yummy meal. However, not so wise to eat before I ran. I had some nagging doubts about starting week two. I ran for 60 seconds last week but could I actually run for 90 seconds at a time? I started out on my brisk five minute walk and before it was over, my shins and ankles were bothering me a bit. I went into my first 90 second run and they felt like they were on fire but I pushed through. The second walk and run came and I felt better. It was a little difficult but in the end I felt good when I got back home.

I did day two on Tuesday. I was utterly exhausted on Monday and partly on Tuesday. Come to find out, my cycle was to blame. But anyway, because I had felt so tired earlier in the day, I didn't get my run in before my husband left for work. So, I took Abigail out in the jogging stroller. I knew I was in trouble during the first run. It was so HARD. Halfway through, my head was pounding and I felt like I could puke. But I pushed through, using The Biggest Loser contestants as inspiration. See my other post about that. I finished day two and I felt awful!

Yesterday was Wednesday and after church we went to the gym. I did about 30 minutes of circuit training. There was even a trainer in the area so she helped me out a lot. Basically, you do each machine for one minute doing as many reps as you can. I was worried about working out my legs too much because I didn't want anything extra hindering me when I ran on Thursday. But there were only a couple of leg machines. My arms were completely shaky though. And they are a tiny bit sore today but not too bad. After the circuit training, I walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill.

I have to confess that I didn't go to bed early last night. Ryan wanted to watch a movie when we got back from the gym and since he doesn't have another day off for seven days, I figured I'd better go ahead and spend some time with him. We watched The Kings Speech. I just love Colin Firth! :)

I did day three today around 10 AM. It wasn't so hot at first considering it was overcast and breezy but halfway through my run, the sun came out full force. I don't think I've ever sweat so much in my life! Today's run was much easier but still challenging. I hope I'm ready for week three. We'll see on Sunday.

Perseverance pays off, my friends. I could have easily given up this week but I didn't. I'm committed to changing my body and my life. I absolutely love that Abigail talks about being healthy. I've tried not to stress the weight loss so much around her because she's so young and doesn't really understand but we talk all the time about making healthy choice and doing what's right for our bodies. Start'em young, right?

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  1. I have been following your progress on this, and was planning to try it soon. I have a 5 1/2 month old (6 months on June 10) and this would be a good way to get her outside more often and get me back in shape. However, I just found out that I'm pregnant (again!) so I'll just have to stick with walking for the next 7-8 months or so. By then, you will have more than completed the program! I think you'll do great with it, especially considering that you have the willpower to take you little one out with you. You wouldn't do that if you weren't serious about getting in shape--you would use her as an excuse. Keep up the great work! :)