Monday, May 30, 2011

Tales from The Scale

Before I get into the main reason for this post, I feel like I need to clarify something about yesterday's. When I said that last week I had only lost one pound and didn't eat as well as I should. I actually meant, two weeks ago. Last week was the first week that I made a meal plan and was more conscious of my exercise. This week makes the second week of a meal plan.

Now that's out of the way....

I woke up this morning, a bit apprehensive. Today was the day that I was to meet with my archenemy...THE SCALE! It's funny how when I was at my biggest I was too scared of the scale to find out how much I truly weighed. But now, when I've been working so hard at being healthy and getting fit, I am just as scared as I was then. It's been said, "there's nothing to but to do it!" So, that's what I said to myself as I approached the ugly, black, monstrosity in the bathroom.

Here goes nothing....


Just be sure you got that - I LOST FOUR POUNDS!!! Ha! It feels so good to say that! I mean, I really worked hard last week for those four pounds. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning who I got that one present she had hoped for the most!

I must confess that there used to be a time in my life where when I was trying to lose weight, I would have rewarded myself for four pounds down. What is wrong with that you ask? Well, I would reward myself in the wrong way...with food! My reasoning was that I worked hard, I deserved to eat that greasy, disgusting hamburger and extra large curly fries. Which would in turn, start a downward spiral. Or maybe I should say upward spiral because that's what the number on the scale would do, because I would end up falling back into my old eating habits and give up.

NOT THIS TIME! I feel so empowered by those four pounds. I feel renewed and refreshed. I feel ready for another week of eating satisfying, yummy, healthy meals. I feel ready for finishing week 3 of C25K. I feel ready to hit the gym on my days off from running. I feel great!!!

Thanks again to all of you who have prayed for me, encouraged me, gave me advice, recipes, etc. You deserve some of the credit too! I love having such an awesome support system! You guys rock!

Peace, Love, and Healthy Living,


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