Friday, May 6, 2011

Moving Day Blues

I feel like there is so much to blog about but I have just been so tired. Every time I sit down to try, my thoughts aren't coherent.

Last Saturday was my 28th birthday. It, by far, was the worse birthday that I've ever had. Why? Well, Saturday was moving day. We got a later start than intended, had breakfast at Cracker Barrel, I dropped Ryan off at the U-Haul place, dropped Abigail off at my friend Dana's house, and made my way back to Pearl River. Thankfully our friend Josh came over to help us. What I thought would take several hours turned into an entire day. Let's suffice it to say that, not everything that could have been done before hand had been done, even though I had tried my hardest and we didn't have all the help we really needed. Oh well.

Around 6:30 PM my stress kicked into high gear and I felt so overwhelmed with everything that still had to be done that I just broke down and cried in our near empty kitchen in Pearl River. I believe my husband was giving me the, "what in the world are you crying about now" look but being the sweetie that he is, he calmed me down and reassured me. I also hadn't seen my baby girl all day. It was my birthday and I was dirty, tired, sore, hungry, overwhelmed, and missing my mini-me like crazy. So, we made haste, finished loading up the last of the stuff in the U-Haul and headed to pick up Abigail.

With puffy, red eyes, hair that looked like I had stuck my finger in a light socket, dirty clothes, and a child who was already in her pj's, we made our way to McAlister's. Supper on moving day wouldn't be complete without a little drama to add to our stress but without getting into a whole other story, just know, that while we felt like we were dealt with unjustly, we did what was right even when doing the wrong thing would have felt much better. We finally made it to our new home sometime around 10 PM. At this point, nothing had been unpacked in the house, Ryan still had to unpack the last U-Haul load, and I had to make the beds. Thank goodness they had already been put together!

At about midnight, everything had finally been unloaded, Ryan and I were able to take much needed showers, and we laid down to sleep in our new home. It wasn't a very restful night but we endured, and morning came. The day started all over with another breakfast at Cracker Barrel, dealing with some stuff at the old house, and unpacking the new. Oh and taking the U-Haul truck back. We worked hard for several hours and then took a nap. My friend Dana picked Abigail up around 3 PM and took her over to her house to play with her kids. I picked her up around 7 PM, had some birthday cake Dana had made for me (such a sweet friend), and then came home to work some more. The new house had finally started to look like a home before we called it a night.

On Monday, it was back to work for both of us. We've done some piddling around the house during the week and I got some more stuff done today. We still have a bit to do but we aren't rushing. I think we all need to catch up on all the sleep we've missed but we're thankful to be together, living in a place the Lord has provided for us. There are things about the house/neighborhood that I'm not fond of but I have found that there are more things to be thankful for than there are to complain about. Here is a short list of the things I am thankful for about our new place:

1. Central-Heating and Air
2. Carpet
3. Washer and dryer inside
4. A park in walking distance of our house
5. Rent we can afford

So, while my birthday may not have been the best, Mother's Day is Sunday. Here's to hoping my hubby and child make up for the lack of birthday fun! Feel free to give him a hint! :)

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