Friday, May 20, 2011

A Story Book Adventure

It is a rare occasion that Ryan and I have the same days off. I work Monday through Friday, babysitting an eight month old baby. He works whenever they tell him to work. He usually gets two days off a week but they are never the same. Every other week, I have Friday off and it so happened that he had Friday off this week too.

Hmmm....what to do?

Well, there were all sorts of options. We could be lazy and do nothing. We could go to the WWII Museum (which was my initial vote, by the way, because I've been dying to go and we have free tickets). But, we decided to do something a little more Abigail's speed. So, what is there to do in New Orleans that's on a three year old level. Well, we've already been to the LA Children's Museum (which is great) and we've been to the aquarium. What else is there to do?

How about going on an adventure with your favorite childhood characters like Captain Hook, Jack and Jill, The Old Lady Who Lives in a Shoe, Alice in Wonderland, The Three Little Pigs, etc? What three year old (and 28 and 29 year old) wouldn't love that?

And this is where our adventure begins...

 As you can see, it was a magical adventure! What a cool place. There are a ton more pictures on my Facebook page so please check them out, friends.

After we left Storyland, we let Abigail play for a few minutes at the "normal" park a little ways down and then headed to the French Quarter for lunch. We ate at a really yummy restaurant called Stanley's. The Korean BBQ po-boy was amazing! Then we walked down to my favorite place in all of NOLA...Meltdown!

The lady who owns the place makes the most magnificent "popsicle's" you'll ever put in your mouth and best of all...they aren't bad for you! They are all made from natural, unprocessed ingredients. The fruit ones are totally vegan and the cream based one's are made with milk and cream from a local creamery without additives, etc. She buys as much local as she can. All the popsicles have a small amount of raw sugar that is grown (is sugar grown? made from a plant? idk. someone enlighten me.) locally as well. In the past I've had the pineapple-cilantro which is amazing but this time I had chocolate-sea salt. Ryan had usual! :) He had strawberry-basil and Viennese coffee. Abigail had salted caramel. On a side note: they are nothing like what you'd expect a popsicle to be. I love the fruit one's because you can totally tell that they aren't made from just fruit juice, you get all that fruit pulp goodness! Anyway, if you're ever this way, Meltdown is a must!

After cooling off a bit with our popsicles, we walked along the very swollen Mississippi River and ALL THE WAY back to Canal Street and then down Canal Street and back up 10 flights of stairs to where our vehicle was parked! We must have walked two miles, not including the stairs. Overall, it was a great family day AND a great workout! :)

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  1. This looked like so much fun! It's great that you guys were able to have such an adventure...and so close to home. cool...