Saturday, May 7, 2011

Life In Pictures: Vacation

A few weeks ago, we took a vacation to see family and friends. Stopping off in Graceville first to break up our driving time, spending most of the week in Fernandina, and then back to Graceville for Easter before returning home. Here is our trip in pictures:

Abigail with her Meme when we went to see Rio. It was a really cute movie.

 We were finally able to have family pictures taken while we were in Fernandina. A while back we won a free photo shoot with Brittany Brock Photography and on this trip it worked out for us. Please check out her blog and see what an amazing photographer she is. Some of our pictures are on there too.

My wonderful Mother-in-law took me shopping for my birthday. It was such a nice treat to be able to buy some new things for myself. We also stopped off at Teavana which is my new addiction :) Afterwards, we had a yummy lunch at Mimi's Cafe. If you ever get the chance to eat there you must try there corn chowder. Delicious!

We enjoyed a lot of family time with Ryan's family. This was the night we ate at Slider's. I just love Ronnie and Jonathan's faces. You can tell where Ryan and Jon get their craziness from, right? The only thing missing was Mimi...and Granddaddy. Such a bittersweet time.

A visit to the the Pippi Longstocking house was a must. They filmed "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking" in Fernandina and this was the house they used as the Villa Villekulla. I was obsessed with Pippi Longstocking as a child and I LOVE that Abigail has taken interest in her as well.

Our last night there Ronnie and Lavoyne took us to Kabuki to eat. I LOVE Japanese food so it was an awesome treat!

What's the perfect way to end a vacation in Fernandina? With a cupcake from Bliss Cupcakery in Yulee. They were to die for!

For more pictures from our vacation, friends can check them out on my Facebook page.

Coming soon: a blog about Easter and the rest of our trip in Graceville.

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